Observatoty of Innovation and Technology Transfer, National University of Quilmes, Argentina



Contact: info@oittec.org

Address: R. Sáenz Peña 352. Bernal. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

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The National University of Quilmes (UNQ) promotes the Observatory of Innovation and Technology Transfer (OITTEC).  It is a project designed to promote communication and collaboration among universities and the socio-productive environment, assuming that the key to development is an adequate management and dissemination of knowledge and the promotion of innovation.

OITTEC promotes technology transfer in the field of universities and public institutions, ranging from studies and strategic plans, to the analysis and interpretation of public policies.

The projects focus on the following thematic areas:

    Linkage and technology transfer.
    Innovation and competitiveness
    Formulation, monitoring and evaluation of policies and instruments.
    Formulation and analysis of socioeconomic indicators.
    Comparative studies of institutions, processes, sectors and activities.
    Courses and trainings for organizations.

More information: OITTEC