Science, Technology and Innovation in Ibero-America.

OBSERVA integrates an unique, open and customized access to the OVTT tools. It is developed based on natural language processing tools and semantic web technology. The tools are specialized in strategic information sources for technology intelligence, such as: patents, products or research, technology offers and requests, regulations and legislation, calls for proposals, financing support, fairs and congresses, best practices and open learning resources, among others.


How does it work

Take advantage of OBSERVA in three simple steps: 

What does it offer

The OVTT tools are designed for researchers, entrepreneurs and firms to star in the practice of technology monitoring, helping to detect early signs and changes in the sector and in the environment. Furthermore, to find out technology cooperation and innovation opportunities in Latin America.

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OBSERVA is developed by a multidisciplinary team of the University of Alicante, combining research form the Natural Language Technology Processing Group (GPLSI) and the expertise in technology transfer and innovation of the SGITT-OTRI.

Includes the latests updates on natural language processing techniques, semantic web and machine learning to retrieve, extract and classify information regarding science, technology and innovation from Latin America.

Respecting the original sources, it offers information resums and only stores the necessary data to search efficiently and the access links.

The results correspond to the user profile choices. Those help the system to understand information needs and organise the answer processes. The user is able to change options and choices at any time.